Announcement of the Public Viewing of the Buddha’s Tooth Relic

With the completion of the renovation work on the Shariden, we will hold a public viewing of the Buddha’s tooth relic for the first time in three years.

Date: October 15th, Reiwa 5 (2023), Sunday
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Reception until 4:30 PM)

The Buddha’s tooth relic at Rokuouin was brought to Kamakura from Nengren Temple in Lin’an (now Hangzhou), the capital of Song, China, by the third Kamakura Shogun, Minamoto no Sanetomo. Initially, it was enshrined in Daiciji and later in Engakuji. A part of it was offered to Kyoto by Emperor Gokogon and was bestowed upon the National Teacher Fumyo in 1374 (Oan 7). It was then placed in Rokuouin. The day the Buddha’s tooth relic arrived at the port of Hakata in Japan from China was October 15th. Therefore, every year, October 15th is designated as “Shariden-e” and is the day of the opening ceremony. It is open to the public only on this day.