Shakyamuni and the Ten Great Disciples


Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha

Wooden, gold mud coating, jeweled eyes; 14th century, Nanboku-chō period.

Although restored in 1663, the statue has been in place since the temple's founding, along with the statues of the Ten Great Disciples.

Statues of the Ten Great Disciples

Wooden, polychrome, and cut gold; jeweled eyes; early Kamakura period, 13th century.

These statues are unique in their vivid portrayal of age, individual features, and dynamic postures. They are thought to be the work of Kei school sculptors from the early Kamakura period. Records from the Edo period attribute them to Unkei, but details are unknown. During the Ōnin and Bunmei wars, they were evacuated to the Eigen-in Temple. One statue went missing and was found years later in the Yama Temple in Tsugao.